A Golden Summer: Newgistics is Gold Sponsor of IRCE 2013

→  May 20th, 2013  →  E-Commerce Events small e-retailers

The next big event on Newgistics’ calendar is Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2013 (IRCE) in Chicago June 4-7. We’re proud to be a gold sponsor of this year’s show! IRCE is home to the world’s largest eCommerce exhibit hall with more than 250,000 square feet of showroom floor and 600+ exhibits, where the best [...]

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Delivering the Seamless Omni-Channel Experience Your Shoppers Expect

→  March 25th, 2013  →  E-Commerce Operations Retail Trends Reverse Logistics

Retail enterprises often organize management departments by channel. There’s the mobile team, the e-Commerce group, the brick-and-mortar operations department. Each department develops their own content, plans their own promotions, uses their own technology and reports to different bosses independent of each other. The trouble with this common scenario, though, is that the retailer’s shopper does [...]

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Decoding the shipping gene

→  October 2nd, 2012  →  Customer Service E-Commerce Holidays Returns

Retailers everywhere constantly ask themselves the question, “What makes our customers tick?” This question is quickly followed by, “What makes the consumers we want to be our customers tick?” These questions are difficult to answer, and can take an immense amount of resources to solve. At Newgistics, we liken this work to mapping consumer DNA. [...]

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A Look at Shipping Trends for the 2011 Holiday Season

→  September 30th, 2011  →  Holidays

With the economy still in a state of uncertainty, consumers are grasping at any possible way to save money. Especially with the holidays approaching, consumers are likely to make purchases and buy gifts from brands that understand the need to save while maintaining quality of merchandise and service. What does that mean for merchants? For [...]

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Free Shipping and its Impact on Customer Expectations

→  December 1st, 2010  →  Customer Service Marketing

We are in the crosshairs of the busiest retail period of the year. As many retailers expect to realize as much as 40% of their annual revenues in the weeks leading up to December 25, most are pulling out all of the stops trying to bring those shoppers in the door — whether it is [...]

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Newgistics Values: Continuous Improvement Through Bold Innovation

→  August 19th, 2010  →  Company Values Newgistics

Two weeks ago, I kicked off a five-part series on Newgistics’ corporate values by discussing our commitment to the philosophy “Customers Come First.” The goal of discussing these values on our blog is to enlighten our clients, partners and their customers as to what makes Newgistics “tick”—the ideals that are the foundation of our company [...]

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Retailers Look to Improved Returns Processing to Reduce Consumer Return Fraud & Lower Overall Costs

→  August 11th, 2010  →  Returns

Summer is winding down, and as consumers turn their focus toward back-to-school shopping, retailers are already in the thick of preparing for the holidays. The planning required to support an industry which secures as much as 40 percent of its annual revenues in the fourth quarter is an exhausting process.  One particularly daunting task is [...]

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Newgistics Values: Customers Come First

→  August 4th, 2010  →  Company Values Customer Service Newgistics

One of the questions I am often asked by our clients and business partners is, “What makes Newgistics such a special place to work?” To begin with, the reason for the question rests in the fact that we are a company that takes great pride in what we do, how we do it and the [...]

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