Newgistics is a shipping company that provides small parcel delivery and returns management solutions for the retail, mobile device, high tech/electronics, medical device, and asset recovery industries. Our goal is to lead companies into the new age of shipping by delivering unrivaled service on time and under budget, while offering the most comprehensive set of technology-driven shipping services available through a United States Postal Service® integrator – with service to more than 150 million addresses. The result is a premium customer shopping experience, end-to-end visibility, and happier clients, while lowering costs up to 40 percent versus comparable expedited ground services.

Our approach to small parcel shipping combines proven best practices designed to give you greater efficiency and flexibility, while driving improved profitability across these business disciplines: operations, marketing, customer service, finance, and information technology.

Through this blog, and our presence on social networks including Twitter, we aim to teach you more about who Newgistics is as a company – while discussing news, topics, and events that are relevant to our business and yours. Our purpose with the Gist Blog is to initiate and participate in valuable conversations about shipping, customer service, innovation, and more; allow you to get to know our executives on a more personal basis; and present the Newgistics brand to our customers while building real and lasting connections with you.

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